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You Must have a Pair of Swimwear If You Go to The Beach

Many people who travel outdoors prefer to choose swimming or beach-based destinations, such as Water World, Sanya, Thailand, etc. At this time, it is essential to prepare a swimsuit.

When the first swimsuit (one-piece type) was born, it was made of knitted wool because it was more stretchable and less water-absorbing than cotton materials. As the swimming briefs of the 1940s became a new trend for beaches and swimming pools, artificial fabrics, such as nylon, which were more practical than wool, began to replace cotton and wool, drying faster and more convenient.


Spandex fabric

The swimming trunks made by it have high elasticity, so it is also called elastic fiber, which can be stretched 5-8 times without deformation or aging. At the same time, it has the advantages of quick-drying and anti-wrinkle, but the service life is relatively short.

Nylon fabric

Nylon is a polyamide fiber, and its most outstanding advantage is its wear resistance. It is also the most commonly used fabric in swimwear.

Although it is not as solid as spandex fabrics, and has poor air permeability, unlike spandex drape, which is not easy to wrinkle, nylon fabrics also have the advantages of higher elasticity and softness, and the swimsuits made are generally in the middle price range.

Polyester fabric

Because of the limited elasticity, polyester fabrics are generally not suitable for one-piece swimsuits and are mostly split types, which are low-priced products.

It is convenient for people to buy cheap swimsuits online, so, how to choose it? It is recommended to use an elastic fabric with a spandex content of more than 15%, which can reduce the resistance brought by the clothing during swimming. If the nylon fabric is added with 15% spandex content, the swimsuit made will have stronger flexibility, elasticity, and acid and alkali resistance.

In addition, pay attention to the workmanship of swimming trunks and whether the elasticity of the waistband is appropriate. It is best to choose pants with ties and elastic or with buttons.

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