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Women's must-have bags

Women's must-have bags

Everyone knows that women love bags, "bags cure all diseases", what should I do if my girlfriend is angry? One bag is enough! What should I do if the food is not good when I have a cold? One bag is enough! Regarding this, there is an explanation that is the most interesting and the most scientifically based. The reason why women are so inseparable is that since the primitive society, women’s main job was picking, and the fruit they picked needed a place to put, so women used to carry a basket to go out. It becomes that a woman must bring a bag when going out, so how can a woman not have a bag?

Although the girl’s need for bags is never enough, many women buy a cabinet bags of the same style, but it is not very practical to use, so today I will give you a summary of the necessary bags for women!

1. Handbag

It is still the most useful for formal occasions, not only can it hold things but also can show temperament.


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2. The side backpack is also called shoulder bag

Suitable for the various needs of urban women, there is no pressure to switch between fashion and leisure, and it is still no problem to decorate the pocket change, keys, cosmetics, and it can be used with the computer bag to commute.

3. Backpack

The biggest advantages are that it liberates hands and can hold so many things, which is necessary for leisure and outdoor.


4. Clutch

As the name suggests, it is a bag that needs to be held by hand. There is no shoulder strap. For the relatively formal one, you can choose the dinner bag and can choose the envelope bag for the general commuter, and the handbag is a very good choice.

5. Computer bag

Well, we are all women in the new era. How can we work without a computer? Since the computer needs to be carried with you, it is part of your styling, the value of the computer bag must be upgraded from simple office supplies to the level of styling tools.

The average life cycle of a piece of expensive clothing is only three seasons. Either it is worn out or you think it is outdated and unattractive, but a well-designed bag with a classic design can stay with you for many years The bag also has room for value preservation and appreciation. Sometimes a 200-piece dress with a refined bag will immediately improve the quality effect of the whole body shape, so it is reasonable to "bag the world". It is recommended that you buy bags according to your own conditions. It is indeed necessary to invest in several good packages when conditions allowed.