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Women's jeans

Women's jeans can be said to be a star that never fades all year round. There are more and more fabrics and colors of jeans. For example, straight pants and micro-flare pants can make women with thick legs look slim and slender, and tight pants can make fat women slim, and thin women become sexy, and so on. The version has also evolved from the earliest straight to slim, small feet, small straight, hakama, leisure, business, Siamese, retro, speakers, and other new types.

Some styles of women's jeans:

1. Straight jeans

The pants are completely straight.


2. Wide-leg jeans

The trouser legs are like a horn, the ends are quite big.


3. Low-rise jeans

Jeans with a low waistline.


4. Tapered jeans

Also called little feet jeans, because the end of the trousers is relatively small.


Buy ladies jeans online:

1. Waistband: The waistband of the jeans should be slightly loose.

2. Size: The pants at the thigh are slightly loose when you sit down.

3. Length: the lowest part of tapered trousers and straight-leg pants should be about two centimeters below the highest part of the shoe upper.

4. Color: Color is to give people the most intuitive feeling, pay attention to choose your favorite color.

5. Fabric: Traditional jeans fabrics are pure cotton.

6. Model: The size standard of jeans is not the same. Only after you have tried it will you know whether it is suitable.

7. Workmanship: Check whether the stitches of the entire trousers are tightly stitched, whether the zipper is lubricated, and check the size of the belt loop.

Women's jeans cleaning and maintenance:

1. The best cleaning time for jeans is 6-12 months

Try to wash it once every 6-12 months. If you sweat a lot in summer, you can hang your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some clean water, and let it dry in the wind.

2. Do not dry clean or machine wash for the first cleaning

Try not to use machine washing or dry cleaning when cleaning for the first time. It is best to wear it on your body to clean it. This way of washing jeans will make the jeans more conform to your legs and the effect will be better.

3. Jeans must do some color preservation before washing

Before washing jeans, you must do some basic color preservation treatment, otherwise, jeans will soon wash white. Before washing, dip the jeans in a basin with water, then put two spoons of white vinegar.

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