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Women's bottoms classification and purchase

Compared to dress, trousers can better reflect the beauty of women's waist-hip curves and legs. There are many styles of women's bottoms. Do you know the fabrics, craftsmanship, and version of various types of women's bottoms? What should people pay attention to when choosing women's bottoms? Let's take a look at the types of women's cheap stylish clothes and purchase.

Women's bottoms classification

Everyone attaches great importance to the fashion style of dressing, and always keeps pace with the trend. Therefore, more and more people begin to choose personalized dresses, and pants as our daily essential clothes are naturally the focus of people's choice. However, each person's body shape is different, the demand for pants styles is also different, so when choosing a fashionable style, it is more important to choose what suitable for yourself and know different bottoms.

1. Sorted by length

It can be divided into cropped pants, half-leg pants, short pants.


2. Sorted by material

It can be divided into cotton pants, linen pants, woolen pants.

3. Sorted by style

There are straight pants, leggings,wide-leg pants, culottes, trousers, tapered pants, boot cut pants, harem pants, overalls.


How to buy women's bottoms

1.Three laws of suitable pants:

Modify leg lines; Beautify hip curve; Beautify waistlines

2. Women's pants purchase rules

a. Discard faded "old pants"

b. Straight or narrow-footed shape to modify the "round" figure

c. Choose the right size and dress appropriately

d. The hip design conceals the hip shape

e. Stiff fabric shows body shape

f. The details cannot be ignored

3. Here are a few pants suitable for purchasing

First, wide-leg pants

It can cover the fat on the legs, modify the leg shape, make the legs look more straight, and girls with wide hips don't have to worry about too much. Moreover, it can improve the waistline and lengthen the legs, so that the proportion of the figure looks perfect. With a suspender top, the waistline is exposed, which makes you look thin and tall, and creates a sense of laziness.

Second, cropped pants

The first impression is that it is concise and capable, and very fashionable. The length is above the ankle and does not completely cover the entire leg. The legs are visually elongated, making the legs appear slender, and can adjust the proportion of the person's figure well. It can modify the leg shape, which can show beauty.

Third, jeans

Jeans have always been a must-have for fashion trends and will never become outdated. And the style is changeable, or it looks young and beautiful or looks handsome. The type of jeans is generally more casual, people can freely match. The simple high-waisted jeans not only modify the leg shape, so that the figure is closer to the golden ratio, but also make the legs look very slender, showing the figure curve naturally.

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