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Women and men’s footwear

In addition to paying attention to clothing, a perfect match also needs to use some "accessories" to enhance, in which shoes are a vital presence. Choosing a suitable pair of shoes not only gives a good ending to the entire style, but it is also very helpful for highlighting personal taste and is the key to creating a fashionable style.

Let’s take a look at ladies shoes online

1. White shoes

The fashion trends are ever-changing, but there are so few single products that can stand the test of time and "stand in the fashion circle". White shoes are one of them. The basic color white shoes basically have no difficulty in matching, and they can be perfectly integrated with different colors of clothing without creating a sense of inappropriateness. On the contrary, when matching bright colors of clothing, they can also weaken the colorful sense of color, which is very youthful. In addition, the style of white shoes is more casual, light and comfortable, whether it is daily work, or going out in spring and summer, you can easily deal with it, and you don't have to worry about getting tired.

2. Canvas shoes

The development of canvas shoes has a long history of popularity. It has captured a large group of loyal fans with the advantages of a lightweight, durability, and low prices. It is basically worn all year round, and there is no gender boundary. Both men and women can wear it, which is a must-have item for fashionistas to go out of the street.

3. Leather shoes

Even girls who have prejudices against leather items such as leather pants and leather clothes are hard to refuse the charm of small leather shoes. The smooth upper design can instantly enhance the texture of the entire shape, and it will bring the finishing touch no matter what clothing is matched.


When choosing shoes, you can't just buy them if they look good. You should also pay attention to the durability of the shoes and choose more versatile styles, such as white shoes, canvas shoes, and small leather shoes, to meet a variety of clothing.

Besides, let learn more about men's essential shoes. Always wear the same shoes when going out? Do not know how to match clothes with the same pair of shoes? In fact, men should pay more attention to wearing shoes, because the shoes you wear will unintentionally reveal your identity!

1. White shoes with thick soles

White ball shoes with rubber soles, high wear resistance, has been popular since the 1980s. Today, the design adds a thick bottom height and shoe ring changes to create a new visual effect. The most important thing for a pair of white shoes is to maintain its cleanliness. The versatile sports shoes can be said to be the first choice in the men's shoe cabinet!


2. Patent leather shiny black leather shoes

Due to the leather material (faux leather or animal leather) used in leather shoes, it will be more durable than cloth shoes. It can be mixed with a suit on a formal occasion, and can also be matched with shorts in leisure.

3. Simple monochrome loafer

Loafers are non-laced shoes that are easy to put on and take off. The feature is the leather straps that cross over the upper from the sides of the saddle or add simple and design metal buckles. It is simple and yet formalized in formal wear. It is an important shoe in the European and American men's shoe cabinets.

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