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What Kind of Haircut Scissors Would Be Good?

There are many types of scissors. Different scissors are suitable for different hair cutting parts. How to distinguish the quality of a pair of scissors and how to choose a good pair of scissors?

1. Steel for hairdressing scissors

The first requirement for good hairdressing scissors is to have good steel. Nowadays, high-end hairdressing scissors usually use 440C steel with a hardness of 58-60. Scissors using this steel are basically welding knives, and there is a welding shadow at the joint between the blade and the knife. The blade and the handle are made of two different sheets of steel, and the steel of the handle is not so good. Of course, some imported scissors’ steel is even better.

But how to judge the quality of the steel: carefully observe the gloss of the blade, and compare it with poor quality scissors (made of ordinary stainless steel). You will find that the blade of a good steel blade has a soft cyan gloss. Ordinary stainless steel will give off a slightly harsh white luster.

Some people will say that the gloss of the scissors is polished, which is correct, but no matter how polished, the color of the light emitted by different materials of steel can not be changed, it is just a little brighter, but some scissors’ steel is matte. For more choices, you can buy them at online appliance stores.


2. workmanship

The level of hairdressing scissors largely depends on the fine workmanship.

On the one hand, it is to see whether the inner edge line (that is, a white light on the inside of the blade, where the two blades of the scissors touch the track line) is even and smooth. If possible, open the scissors and close it gently to feel whether the cut is smooth;

On the other hand, it depends on whether the handle conforms to the ergonomic design, whether the scissors feel comfortable in the hand, whether the fingers are uncomfortable in the finger circle, whether the edge of the finger circle is smooth and round, and whether the muffler position is correct.

3. hand feel

Of course, if the hairdressing scissors meet the above standards, they will generally feel good, but the scissors are produced by hand, and there is no guarantee that the quality of each pair will be perfect, and regardless of whether there is a quality problem, always feel it yourself, because each person’s finger shape and thickness are different, and the same pair of scissors will have a slight difference in the hand feel of each person.

However, when you feel the hand feel, you must pay attention to that you must open and close gently because the high speed will cause great damage to the knife edge.

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