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What is a Stainless Steel Flat Hinge?

1. Introduction of stainless steel flat hinge

Stainless steel flat hinge is special hardware used for hanging doors. Unlike standard butt hinges, stainless steel flat hinges are designed to fit into the pockets of doors and door frames so that the surface of the hinge plate is flush with the surface of the door or door frame. This type of design allows the door to be completely flush with the door frame instead of being held in a standard offset position. Like standard hinges, stainless steel flat hinges are available in rectangular and circular shapes. There are two types available on the Betteryoyo tapao online shop, but stainless steel flat hinges with square edges are usually easier to install than round ones. When buying hinges at Betteryoyo tapao online shop, it is important that the hinges match the weight and size of the cabinet door. The hinges should also be chosen to match the other hardware and fixtures in the kitchen. All basic hinges consist of three parts.


2. Installation of stainless steel flat hinge

After buying stainless steel flat hinges from Betteryoyo tapao online shop, the next step is definitely to install stainless steel flat hinges. During installation, the hinge installer does not have to simply fix the hinge on the surface of the door and door frame, but must cut a pocket on the door to accept the hinge before screwing it into place. The traditional approach is to use a simple hammer and chisel. Although this method requires a little carpentry skill, modern installers can simply use a special hinge template to guide the wood engraving machine to make these cuts. Some cabinets and doors may also be pre-prepared for stainless steel flat hinge installation.

3. The advantages of stainless steel flat hinges

The main advantage of using stainless steel flat hinges is that it eliminates any gaps between the door and the door frame. These two components are flush with each other, forming a seamless, clean appearance, which may be preferred by some homeowners. By embedding the hinge into the door, the installer can also leave more storage space inside the door cabinet. Stainless steel flat hinges with so many advantages can be easily handled in the Betteryoyo tapao online shop. Stainless steel flat hinges are also often more durable than standard hinges and cannot be used on very heavy doors.