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What Eye-catching and High-quality Vases to Put at Home

Many women want to decorate some home decorations to make them more beautiful and warm. Flower, which I believe is the love of many women. Putting a bunch of flowers at home usually brings a very different mood to the home. If the flowers sent by your boyfriend are placed at home, this kind of romance can last for several days.

If you want to have a bouquet of beautiful flowers, how can you not have a vase? Beautiful flowers also need beautiful vases to match. Here are some popular vases for you! If you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

1. Nordic simple glass vase

There are many kinds of vase materials, and for the editor, I love glass vases. When the bright flowers are put into the glass vase, with the sunlight, and when combined with the Nordic minimalist style, the flower branches are in the rippled vase, enjoying the tranquility of the years.

This glass vase is mainly elegant smoky gray, which can bring out the bright and vivid vitality of flowers. The bottle body has a simple Nordic style and smooth lines. It is suitable for placing in the home and office, reflecting the elegant taste.

2. Irregular texture ceramic vase

Compared to vases with smooth surfaces, irregularly textured vases with unique shapes are more eye-catching. Coupled with beautiful flowers, placing this at home can be pleasing to the eye and can make the home more meaningful.

This vase has an irregular multi-faceted bump design, which can give a casual feel. The aesthetics created by geometric shapes can better show a unique feel. After the flowers are put, the entire space becomes fashionable and beautiful.

3. Woven floor vase

Many people now like hand-woven products. The baskets, vases, etc. Woven with plants such as willows have a rural atmosphere and a traditional Chinese aesthetic.

This vase is woven with a woven technique, and the woven is tight and strong. The middle is a metal bracket. It is old-fashioned and has a hollow effect. It is placed on the ground and adds a bright landscape.

4. Fish tank water plant vase

People today like to cultivate plants or fish to cultivate temperament. If there is a vessel that can combine the two, then it saves a lot of places and is more ornamental.

This vase is as round as a fish tank, a deeper planting basket is added to the bottle mouth, it is easier to fix the plants so that there are fish in the bottle, and the aquatic plants planted in the planting basket provide each other with nutrition.

5. Creative geometric metal flower stand

In-home decoration, if there is no creativity, then it will make the home look bland. Many people now use geometry to create some very creative small items. If the vase can also be created with geometry and creativity, it can add a lot of taste to the home.

The main attraction of this vase is the flower stand made of metal. The simple geometric style design has a light luxury style. Hang a test tube above the shelf to give the bouquet a footrest. A few flowers in the vase, but it can highlight the plant's style and posture.


If you want to build a sentimental home, flowers are indispensable. To make flowers better decorate the home, the matching of vases is more important. The above recommended several vases, I hope it can help you buy the vase that suits you!