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What Are The Tips for Buying A Wok

The wok is the necessary tableware for cooking in every household, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable and easy-to-use wok. Then how should we choose a wok?

1. Material

There are a lot of materials for cooking pots on the market, especially when you buy kitchen appliances online, and many people choose non-stick pots or other stainless steel pots. Because iron pans are prone to rust, few people buy iron pans. So, according to research, cooking with an iron pan is better for the body, because it can supplement the iron required by the human body. For people with iron deficiency anemia, it is better to use an iron pan to cook.

2. Glass lid

Secondly, a lid made of glass is better. When you are cooking, you sometimes need to check how the dishes in the pot are cooked to adjust the firepower. Therefore, the cooking level of the stir-fry inside will be known through the lid. Furthermore, the lid of the pot should fit well with the edge of the pot, so that the nutrients in the food can be fully retained and will not be lost due to too large gaps.

3. Standable lid

Whether it is traditional cooking habits or current cooking techniques, it is indispensable to uncover the cover during the cooking process. If the lid can stand up, after uncovering the lid, a lot of kitchen workbench space can be saved, while ordinary pot lids take up more space, especially for families where the kitchen is not very large. Therefore, it is better to choose a pot with a standing lid.


4. Size

Pans have sizes. Generally speaking, woks are round. The size we are talking about is the diameter of the pan.

For families with 1-3 people, it is suitable to choose a 30 cm wok, a small pot, which is light and easy to use, making it easier to turn the pot.

A family of 2-4 people is suitable for a 32 cm wok. This size is also the most popular size for families at present. The weight is sufficient, even if the guests at home, many dishes can be fried.

For a family of 3-5 people, it is suitable to choose a 34 cm wok or a large wok, which makes it more convenient to stir fry.

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