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What Are the Practical Car Supplies, Stylish and Tasteful

Here are 7 practical car accessories, stylish and tasteful, showing the grade in the car.

A mobile phone addict is a common problem for every modern person. If you drive for a long time if your mobile phone shuts down when there is no power, will it make you feel insecure? At this time, you need a car charger. Its design is simple and compact. Basically it is an independent device, with USB ports, easy to charge.

The car charger is convenient for car owners to charge digital products anytime, anywhere. The car charger generally includes two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. The car charger can be used at home and in the car. It combines car charging, direct charging, USB charging, three-in-one multi-purpose use. If you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

Car MP3 player

It is not only a car MP3 player, but also a cigarette lighter, and it can also answer Bluetooth hands-free calls with one click. The most important feature of it is to use it as a charger. It has comprehensive functions, just for enjoyment, novel style, compact size, and does not occupy space. The player can be hidden under the cigarette lighter, integrated with the car, beautiful and fashionable.

Yingcai star car MP3

Yingcaixing car MP3 Bluetooth player, universal for trucks, sedans, and commercial vehicles, it can be used with wireless remote control, one-button smart start control, just like car’s one-button start, which is very easy to use. It supports Apple and Android dual systems, a hands-free answering device, convenient and safe while driving. Its shell has three spray painting processes to achieve a matte metal texture.

The waist of the car fits perfectly with the waist of the human body, giving the human body good support, effectively alleviating the waist fatigue caused by long-term driving. The cushion has no compression point on the human body and has a good relief effect on the lumbar spine pain. It can bring people a relaxed and comfortable driving atmosphere.

Car waist backrest

Car backrest cushion, elastic band design, super elastic, wear-resistant, never deformed, is easy to use. The frame is made of an elastic steel wireframe, to maintain the shape of no deformation, with two types of plush and mesh style. Plush surface’s fur is soft and comfortable, delicate, and simple, and it feels super great when you touch it.

Car waist cushion

Carnot four-season headrest lumbar set, patent fishbone pattern design, make the lumbar spine more fit, more comfortable and breathable, universal for all seasons, the maximum thickness of the contact area between the lumbar spine and the lumbar spine reaches 85mm so that the lumbar spine pressure is evenly dispersed. There is no pressure concentration point, and comfort is greatly improved.

Car waist cushion

Dust and small garbage are easy to accumulate inside the car. A little carelessness can easily breed bacteria, which is not good for people's health. For the health of themselves and their families, the car is regularly cleaned. The car vacuum cleaner is equipped with different air nozzles You can clean up all parts of the car, and the dust removal effect is also good.

Car vacuum cleaner

12V car vacuum cleaner no longer needs to hold a big component, convenient vacuuming, easier, independent switch design, with front shell locking button, rear air outlet, exhale clean air, at the same time reduce the heat treatment of the click. Add cotton thickened filter dust net, removable and easy to clean, effectively isolate dust.


Driving with mobile phone navigation, driving to answer the phone, driving also pay attention to mobile phone messages, these actions we will have when driving, then where the phone is put becomes a problem. Mobile phone support can solve many problems at one time, not disturbing the driving sight, one-handed operation, simple and convenient.

Mobile phone support

Automotive general-purpose on-board mobile phone holder, magnet design, stable strong magnetic adsorption, will not affect mobile phone communication. Mobile phone support head and frame body with rotating shaft design can achieve all-round vision with 360 degrees rotation. It is versatile and suitable for 99% of mobile phones in the market.

Vehicle instrumentation station

Mobile phone support, with a unique groove design, gently put in, automatic sliding stability, strong grip, firm adsorption, arbitrary adjustment angle, horizontal vertical placement, free combination. The anti-slip table is made of the imported silica gel material, the bottom is polished and anti-slip, and the whole surface rubber oil is sprayed. It is widely used, not only for the car but also very convenient to carry.