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What are the kitchen appliances

When it comes to hardware accessories, everyone may be familiar with them, and they are often used in the kitchen or house decoration. What does the kitchen appliance hardware include?

Kitchen electrical hardware refers to the five metal materials of gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin.

1. Hinge

Hinges are hardware accessories that we don't usually pay attention to, but we use them every day. In the process of frequent opening and closing of the cabinet doors, the hinges have to withstand severe tests. It not only needs to accurately connect the kitchen cabinet body and the door opening panel but also bear the weight of the door panel alone.


2. Slide rail

Slide rails are hardware accessories for drawers and are an indispensable part of cabinet drawers. If the kitchen is special, low-quality slide rails will feel good in the short term, but it will be difficult to push and pull after a long time.


3. Faucet

Faucet is something that every kitchen and bathroom will have, and it is also an accessory we use every day, so when choosing a faucet, we must pay attention to it. Faucet is a problematic item in the kitchen. It will be troublesome if it leaks because you use low-cost inferior faucets.

4. Pull-basket

Pull-basket can provide us with a lot of storage space, and can also play a role in distinguishing space. Make all kinds of items and utensils get their place. According to different uses, pull baskets can be divided into stove pull-baskets, three-sided pull baskets, drawer pull baskets, ultra-narrow pull baskets, deep pull baskets, corner pull baskets, etc.

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