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Useful Cutting Machines

With the development of the modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for cutting quality and precision are constantly improving, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having high-intelligence automatic cutting functions are also increasing.



Cutting machines are distinguished from cutting materials, and are divided into metal material cutting machines and non-metal material cutting machines.


Non-metallic material cutting machines are divided into flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, etc.;


The metal material cutting machine is mainly a knife cutting machine.


The cutting machine is distinguished from the control mode, which is divided into a CNC cutting machine and a manual cutting machine.


The numerical control cutting machine drives the movement of the machine tool by using the digital program. When the machine tool moves, the randomly equipped cutting tool cuts the object. This kind of mechatronics cutting machine is called CNC cutting machine.


The laser cutting machine has the fastest efficiency and the highest cutting accuracy, and the cutting thickness is generally small. The cutting speed of the plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has a certain slope. The flame cutting machine is designed for thick carbon steel materials.



Small Multifunctional Cutting Machine


Scope of application

Cutting machines are used in metal and non-metal industries. Generally speaking, non-metal industries are more detailed, such as stone cutting machines for cutting stone, water jetting machines, serrated cutting machines, cutting cloth and plastics, and laser cutting for chemical fiber products, blade type cutting machine. For cutting metal materials, there are flame cutting machines, plasma cutting machines. The flame cutting machine is divided into two categories: CNC cutting machine and manual cutting machine. The manual category includes small sports cars, semi-automatic and pure manual. CNC includes gantry CNC cutting machine, cantilever CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine, intersecting line CNC cutting machine, and so on.


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