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Rules of matching jewelry and clothing

Material analysis of jewelry and clothing

There are many kinds of clothing materials, and the materials are the most basic material basis for clothing, such as cotton, linen, woolen wool, woolen fabric, and some chemical fiber fabrics. The common characteristics of these materials are that the lines are clear and have a sense of volume, which can form a plump clothing outline. Knowing the materials of clothing can help designers better choose matching jewelry materials in order to achieve a better design effect. And if you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

The performance, shape, and plasticity of different clothing materials are different. The glossy material surface is smooth and can reflect light, and the visual effect is strong. Thick and stiff material, whose form of expansion is not suitable for excessive use of pleats and accumulation, otherwise it is easy to produce a heavy sense of beauty. The soft material is light, soft, and strong, such as cotton, silk, and chemical fiber. The transparent material is simple and fashionable and can achieve mysterious and elegant artistic effects, such as lace.

Jewelry materials are also rich and diverse. Firstly, they are metal materials, including precious metal materials such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, base metal materials such as iron, aluminum, copper, sub-gold, rare gold, and other alloys; The second is gem material, including inorganic gem materials, organic gem materials; In addition, there are some gem imitation products, such as synthetic gems, glass, plastics, etc.;

In addition, due to the pursuit of personality and the diversity of jewelry materials, more and more materials are used by jewelry. Apparel fabrics such as wool, silk fabrics, leather, and lace are also used to make jewelry. The texture and luster of these jewelry materials also have their own characteristics, so when choosing and matching, you should pay attention to the texture and characteristics of jewelry and clothing.

Jewelry and clothing matching design


When choosing materials, you should choose materials with similar and harmonious textures but not fusion, to prevent jewelry from drowning in clothing and failing to achieve the purpose of decoration. You can also choose materials with distinguishable textures so that clothing and jewelry can play their own highlights and values. For example, when wearing clothing with glossy fabrics, we can choose to wear jewelry with less shiny, such as turquoise and matte metal, so that the gloss of clothing and jewelry can be neutralized to achieve overall harmony.


Color is the most direct message received by the human sensory system, so color is the most important factor to be considered when matching clothing and jewelry. When matching jewelry and clothing colors, the overall color should be harmonious and pleasing. For example, when the overall color of the clothing is darker and dull and monotonous, you can choose bright and changeable jewelry to break the deadlock, so that the overall effect of "revitalization".


We all say that art comes from life, and jewelry design is no exception. From international brands to niche brands, we appreciate that their works are inspired by nature on which we live, or flowers, birds, gods, and beasts. Without exception, it has become a wonderful tool for jewelry designers.