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Why Choose Gauze Towel Quilt?

Many people choose to use gauze towel quilt. But why? Here is a brief introduction to our summer thin section double cotton gauze towel cotton towel blanket single double. Hope you will like it. This towel is made of high-quality pure cotton, allowing you to enjoy a deep sleep. At the same time, its six-layer thick gauze makes the towel more fluffy and softer, which is skin-friendly, moisture-wicking, breathable and cool.




Anti-static design

Ten times durable

Comfortable and breathable

Why choose gauze towel quilt?

Different from traditional textiles, high density, improved water absorption, breathability, stubble cotton, lower PH value, prevent skin burns, safe

Lightweight and breathable

Soft and skin-friendly

Not stuffy

Cotton products are soft and comfortable

Caring, soft, healthy, natural, breathable, constant temperature, comfortable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly


Selected six-layer gauze fabric

Delicate, skin-friendly and soft; using 40-strand cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, with stronger moisture absorption and breathability

Printing and dyeing

Using imported environmentally friendly dyes, the yarn-dyed process of dyeing and then weaving, high color fastness

Does not fade and is durable.


Exquisite workmanship reflects value

The needle angle is fine, every stitch and thread are very careful which make the product more durable.

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