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Tips for choosing men's summer T-shirts

There are many collocations that can be worn in summer because there are more summer clothes than you think, and the clothes are relatively cheap, you can buy a lot, but you don’t know some styles.

When buying and selecting T-shirts, you must pay attention to these three points:

1. Style

Basic, arc, pattern, and stripes are the four common styles of T-shirts. The difference between the basic T-shirt and the arc T-shirt is the hem, one is flat, the other is arc-shaped, and the other is a hem with a drop in the front and back. The arc or the hem with a drop will be more layered when worn.

When selecting and buying, you must first consider what style to choose, and then what style to buy to match, etc. You must think clearly about this issue before proceeding to the next step. You can buy what you like at online shopping sites for clothes.

2. Shape

The basic T-shirts also have different shapes, loose or slim, whether they have a drop-shoulder design, hem length, bust and sleeves are suitable for you, and the collar shape is also very important!

Collar types are roughly divided into three types: round neck, V-neck, and half-high collar. Of course, in the summer, the half-high collar is still worn less, and more of the former two.

The round neck is the most basic type of collar, but there are also differences between large and small round necks. Friends with a short neck can choose a V-neck, and a half-high neck is more suitable for those with a slender neck.


3. Fabric

Fabric is the core of clothes. People who don’t pay much attention to fabrics will suffer a lot when buying clothes. Different fabrics have different characteristics. The most common T-shirt fabric is a cotton knitted fabric, but there are many differences in cotton fabric. Generally, the common T-shirt on the market is about 180 grams. The fabric is relatively thin, breathable but easy to deform.

Heavy T-shirts will choose about 250 grams, and some will even choose about 300 grams. The fabric will be more rigid and not easy to deform, but the air permeability will be worse.


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