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Tips for Choosing A Pearl Necklace

Many people like pearl necklaces and many people buy them when they get married. Do you know how to choose pearl necklaces?

1. Luster

Luster is the core of a pearl necklace. Pearls are formed of calcium carbonate. When light hits the surface of the nacre, there will be reflections. When choosing a pearl necklace, place the pearl necklace flat on a white soft cloth, and you can see the pearl flowing overflowing with a warm luster. Looking at the light, you can see the light similar to the rainbow. If the pearl skin is bright, you can see the reflection of people. For the same grade pearl, the luster of seawater pearl is brighter than that of a freshwater pearl.

2. Beads

This should be clearest, the rounder the pearl, the more valuable it is, and the more valuable it is for collection. Generally, the roundness of seawater pearls is better than that of freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most common in the market. However, oblate and oval pearl necklaces are cheaper, and the round pearl necklaces have higher value and are rare. For more choices and better quality, you can buy pearl set online.


3. Color

The color and type of pearls are related. The natural colors of freshwater pearls are often white, pink, and purple. Seawater pearls are commonly found in white, gray, and gold.

There are also Tahitian black pearls. Tahitian black pearl is a special product of the salt lake, which is extremely precious and enjoys the reputation of Queen’s Pearl and Queen of Pearls. Common colors are black and malachite green, and the intoxicating light is alluring.

South Sea pearls are produced in the South Pacific. The three major producing areas are the waters of northwest Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Because Australia is rich in South Sea pearls, it is generally called Australian South Sea Pearl.

4. Defects

Since pearls are cultivated from mussel shells, the surface of pearls is not so smooth and round. Generally, there are threads, spots, marks, pits, and dots on the surface of pearls.

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