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There are actually only a few toys that children really need

Parents always feel that toys can satisfy their children’s innocence, and can also help them develop their intelligence and exercise their hands-on ability. They also have the ability to satisfy their baby’s desire for toys. They will buy whatever child want, and often buy children's toys online. In fact, too many toys at home may not make them really work. For children, there are actually only a few toys that are truly valuable.

1. Ball toys

Ball toys can exercise children. Starting from the age of one, ball toys can exercise the baby’s finger grasping ability and physical coordination ability. After that, through shooting, bounce, and other tricks, it can also exercise the child’s stability, control, balance, etc., which are a good helper for the baby's motor nerve development. The round shape of the ball, the interesting bounce, and the changeable gameplay and rules can arouse children's interest and allow them to exercise their bodies in the joy of playing.

2. Building blocks, puzzles

Building blocks and puzzles are the baby's favorite games, and the utilization rate is very high. These two toys are very helpful for cultivating children's concentration and creativity, and also help mothers play with their children. When adults see these two games, they can't help but want to play, so that gives children more demonstrations, and it is also a good exercise for children's logical thinking ability.

3. Painting toys

Every child is a little painter. With a simple brush, the child can gallop his imagination! Many children have artistic talents themselves, but they are buried in the carelessness of parents. If you give your child a set of crayons, he may be able to show you a different side. Even if the child's talent in the drawing is average, parents can use crayons to teach them the most basic aesthetic knowledge, teach them to recognize colors, know what a straight line is, how to recognize a thing, outline its characteristics, and then describe it come out.


4. Musical Toys

The charm of music is barrier-free. Children can also twist their bodies to the beat of the music, and they will be happy to hear good sounds. The child is happy when he knocks on the musical toys randomly because he can feel the feedback from the outside world to his actions. When he grows up, he can appreciate the charm of music, may fall in love with music, or show his musical talent through these toys.

5. Plush toys

Children’s world is still a world full of fairy tales. They will like furry dolls, and give these dolls human characteristics and place their emotions on them.


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