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The White Shorts That Most Men Ignore Are Actually Pretty

We often say that white is one of the most common basic colors. But in the actual use of style, white is not so common, especially for men. Of course, the two most basic items, T-shirts and white shirts, should be excluded here. In fact, white shorts are relatively rare and have a clean style. If you have enough confidence in your leg shape, then white shorts are the choice that can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to wear white shorts, knowing how to choose is an important step:

First, white shorts should be long rather than short.

For shorts of other colors, such as black, it may be reasonable if the length is less than the knee, but it will be embarrassing if the white shorts are less than the knee. First and foremost, short white shorts will expose your leg shortcomings more easily and more prominently.

Common fifth pants or slightly longer Capri pants are the best for white shorts and the most decent choice.

Second, white shorts should be loose rather than tight.

The width of the pants is another important factor that affects the style of white shorts.

It's not just white shorts. Any white item is the same. It has the highest brightness. Only by leaving a certain distance when wearing it can it look more natural, harmonious and flawless. On the contrary, if you wear it very "tightly" , then the white will lose its original advantage at this time.


The same type of pants, different fabrics will have different style effects, in addition to the common cotton or other blended materials, the most unique is the white denim shorts. On the basis of a firm texture, it shows a fresh texture, which is definitely a choice that can make you outstanding at any time. For more styles, you can also buy your shorts at the fashion shop online.

When it comes to specific styles, there is not much difference between white shorts and other color shorts.

Just one thing, white shorts are better not to be matched with the white T-shirts that are common in summer, because the All White style has basically no structural hierarchy and will become very monotonous.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in addition to pure white, white shorts also have beige styles. It is better to choose a darker top with beige shorts, so that the beige will not show a sense of "dirty" and will not destroy the overall style and texture.

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