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The Useful Hand Tool - Hand Drill

A hand drill is a relatively small drill that is held in the hand when used. Some people reserve the term specifically for drills that are operated by hand, distinguishing between hand-held power drills and drills that are powered by their users. Many hardware stores sell hand drills, along with bits that can be used for various drilling projects, and a drill can be a very useful tool to keep around the house, shop, or car.


The features of the Nanwei hand drill:

Nanwei provides customized installation and maintenance of high-grade hand tools.

1. Smart chuck, dual bearing system

2. Clearly display the remaining battery power and allocate the intensity reasonably

3. One key to switch forward and reverse rotation

4. Keep improving the craftsmanship, and constantly pursue excellence



Electric Hand Drill and Domestic Electric Hammer


Advantages of Nanwei brushless motors:


Nanwei brushless motor

Brush motor

Low loss, energy-saving, and power-saving, can be used for about 400 minutes

High consumption, high power consumption, can only be used for about 250 minutes

Strong power, torque up to 80N

The power is not strong, the torque is between 25-36N

Higher speed and high efficiency

Lower speed and low efficiency

No need to replace carbon brushes, long service life, can be used for 8-12 years

The carbon brush needs to be replaced, the life is short, it can be used for 3-4 years

Strong stability, high perforation concentricity, error about 0.1mm

Low stability, low perforation concentricity, error about 0.5mm

Commonly used for metal drilling, wood opening, red brick wall drilling, etc.

Commonly used to turn the screws at home



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