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The Types of Jade Bracelet

The jade bracelet is unique when worn on the wrist, so what types of jade bracelets are there?


Bracelets are Buddhist beads. Originally called rosary beads, they refer to a certain number of beads with the thread running through them. They are used to count numbers when chanting mantras. The origin of Buddhist beads is usually due to the ancient Indians' custom of entwined with tassels, which followed later generations and gradually evolved into Buddhist beads.


The origins of jade bracelets are very early and have been produced in the Neolithic Age. This kind of jade ornaments have been produced and used in all dynasties and reached their peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jade bracelets are usually made up of a number of beads, tubes, etc. stringed together with silk ropes for a week for wearing. Bracelets and counting beads were originally used to count the number of recitations for good men, believers, monks, and nuns. Later, due to their emphasis on quality, color, or carving, they evolved into treasures for ordinary people to play with. The bracelet is made up of eighteen beads, so it is called eighteen; the number of beads is made up of one hundred and eight beads, but there are also less or more than this number.



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There are many kinds of prayer beads. In terms of its use, it can usually be divided into three types:


1. Folding hanging beads

Buddhist beads hanging on the neck. Hanging beads are mostly made of precious materials such as emerald, crystal, agate, coral, dense wax, turquoise, etc. The color of the beads must be uniform, and it is required to use good materials that have little color change between each other, are warm and delicate, and are smooth and shiny. . At the same time, the diameter of the sub-beads is also required to be about one centimeter, and there must be no large errors. When assembling, a spacer bead is inserted between twenty-seven sub-beads, and under the mother bead, there will be a "Buddha head" composed of a beautifully woven Chinese knot combined with pendants such as beautiful jade and jade. In important ceremonies or when the great monk is giving gifts to the Buddha, this kind of "Buddha's head spike" can play a certain balancing role, thereby ensuring the solemnity of the whole Buddhist activities.


2. Folding beads

Buddhist beads are worn on the wrist or arm. Beads, commonly known as bracelets, are the most common with eighteen beads, and they are mostly made of precious materials or bright colors.


3. Holding beads

Buddhist beads are twisted or chanted by hand. Holding beads is mostly used to record the number of chanting Buddha names or mantras.


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