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The purchase of vacuum cleaner

What are the necessary appliances in life? In addition to the refrigerators and washing machines commonly used at home, there is also a household appliance that everyone most easily overlooks-vacuum cleaners! How to choose a vacuum cleaner? What elements need to be referred to? After knowing it, you can buy such good appliances online.

1. Weight

First of all, the use of the vacuum cleaner requires us to hold it in our hands for a long time. Since the placement position and handle position of each machine is different, the weight of each machine is also slightly different. Therefore, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you need to refer to the weight of the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, in the case of the same weight, it is recommended that users choose a vacuum cleaner with a host design at the bottom of the fuselage and a handle placed on the top. In addition to saving effort during the cleaning process, the weight of the entire machine will be stabilized at the bottom of the fuselage. Under the action of gravity, the cleaning effect is better.

2. Suction power

In addition to weight, whether the vacuum cleaner is good or not is mainly reflected in the performance configuration. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner often plays a decisive role in daily cleaning!

Driven by the motor at high speed, the air inside the vacuum cleaner is rapidly discharged to form an instant vacuum; under the action of the external atmospheric pressure, the garbage and dust near the suction nozzle enter the vacuum cleaner with the airflow, and then discharged after being filtered by the filter, thus completing the entire dust collection process. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner with strong suction is easier to clean up the troublesome floor gaps and corner dust in life, even the more troublesome carpet cleaning will become very easy!


3. Endurance

In addition to weight and suction, the most common problem that everyone encounters in daily life is the problem of battery life. Vacuum cleaner batteries currently on the market are roughly divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and lithium batteries. The service life of different battery types is also different. It is recommended that users choose a vacuum cleaner equipped with a lithium battery, which not only has guaranteed battery life but also is safer and more secure!

4. Multi-brush head design

Finally, when you buy a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to buy a vacuum cleaner with multiple nozzles. Because in our daily life, in addition to basic floors and sofas, we often encounter cleaning desks, cabinets, bookcases, curtains, corners, mattresses, and other places. Vacuum cleaners with multi-brush heads can make us clean easier and more efficiently!

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