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The Function and Use Points of the Multifunctional High-power Impact Drill

I. The function of multi-functional high-power impact drill

When it comes to percussion drills, its advantage is that it is multi-faceted. The percussion drill is divided into flat drill gear and percussion drill gear. The percussion drill can be used for drilling wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tiles, and other materials when adjusted to the flat drill gear. You can buy impact drills at the Betteryoyo tapao online shop. For percussion drills with forward and reverse rotation and speed control functions, when the flat drill is adjusted to low-speed operation, it can even be equipped with a screwdriver bit for tightening screws.

The impact drill has two functions. First, it can be used as an ordinary electric drill; second, it can be used to punch building materials such as blocks and brick walls. Some impact drills can adjust the speed. When adjusting speed or shifting gears, it should be stopped. Now everyone can find this type of impact drill on the Betteryoyo tapao online shop.


II. The use of multi-functional high-power impact drill points

After purchasing a multi-functional high-power percussion drill on the Betteryoyo tapao online shop, you should know that the impact gear is only used when hitting the wall, and all other times use the electric drill gear.

The impact drills purchased on the Betteryoyo tapao online shop can be used to hit tiles. Key points of use:

1. You can directly use the impact drill to hit the tiles, start slowly, and slowly speed up, then the tiles will not crack.

2. If you are a novice who is afraid of cracking the tiles, you can use ceramic drills to drill the tiles. The corners of the tiles are the easiest to crack. At this time, you can use a glass drill to penetrate the tiles (you must add water when using a glass drill), and then use an impact drill to drill into the concrete. When drilling holes, you must pay attention to the direction of rotation of the drill chuck. Turning to the right is a forward rotation. The drilling must be forward rotation. Otherwise, the reverse rotation will not only fail to enter, and it will be easier to break the drill.