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The commonly used kitchen hardware

All kinds of cooking tools are indispensable for home cooking. What are the essential cooking tools in the kitchen? For a low price, you can buy kitchen appliances online.

Fruit knife

The fruit knives on the market are made of stainless steel, plastic, straight and folded in shape. There are even rotary planers, ring-shaped, and so on. The fruit knife is light and short, flexible, and fast to use.

Fish knife

The fish knife is used to plan fish, the blade is especially thin and suitable for fish planing.


It is used for planing and has a cutting part, which can be used to remove vegetable skin, such as carrot skin, loofah skin, potato skin, etc.


Decide which wok to choose according to your own habits. People who have the habit of turning pots would better choose light pots with one-sided handles. Those who pay attention to heat resistance can choose a heavier, but longer-life stainless steel pot. Those who are very concerned about health concepts can choose non-stick pans.

Universal knife

The blade is a little heavy and can be used to chop and cut.


It can be used to cut shrimp silk, fish gills, crab legs, etc. Some scissors can also open cans and cut nutshells.

Soup pot

It is often used for stewing, so capacity is very important. Generally, it is standard to hold a chicken weighing about 1200 grams, plus water, it is most suitable to buy a two-liter soup pot. It is better to choose a stainless steel soup pot.


When choosing a casserole, touch the surface of the pot first. Pots with smaller pores are better. In addition, choose a casserole with a raised lid. The steaming effect of such a pot is better.


A spoon is a tool with a handle suitable for holding soup. It is mostly made of stainless steel, and some made of other metals or porcelain. The spoon has a crown and a handle, which is convenient for holding soup.



The spatula is made of iron and rubber. Generally used for cooking, it is better to use an iron shovel, because the friction between the shovel and the pan during cooking will cause a small amount of iron to be incorporated into the dish, which can supplement the body's need for iron.

Rice cooker

The rice cooker is modern tableware capable of steaming, boiling, stewing, braising, simmering, and many other processing methods. It can not only cook food but also keep it warm. It is clean and hygienic in use, free of pollution, time-saving, and labor-saving. It is a commonly used pot.

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