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The best men's classic coats

When choosing a jacket, you need to balance quality, style, and versatility. It should be worn continuously while presenting a good image. In daily life, you will often use it. So it must be able to match well with other items in the closet.

1. Wind coat

The original purpose of the windbreaker was mainly to protect against wind and rain. It came into being during the war, mainly to meet the needs of soldiers in the army. Later, it gradually became popular among ordinary people. Whether bright orange or dark green, a trench coat is a good choice right now. These fashionable colors are full of male charm.

It became a common item for men to wear every day. It can be used for business or leisure occasions. Make sure it fits, especially on the shoulders. You can wear it with a business suit, plaid shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, etc.

Choosing the right size is crucial. You can wear a windbreaker to work or go shopping. Just remember the rules: the trench coat should be one to two centimeters wider at the shoulders than you are, and the sleeves should be two to three centimeters longer than the sleeves of a regular jacket. This way you can easily layer and match different styles. If you want to buy one, you can find it at online shopping sites for clothes.


2. Wool jacket

Like the windbreaker, the plush jacket was created during the war. However, the material is so rare that pilots in the cockpit are entitled to wear it for daily heating.

In addition to the ordinary leather fabric, there are more elements added in modern plush jackets. Denim, corduroy, plaid, suede, and so on are all good choices.

The ingenious combination of plush elements and fabrics such as leather and jeans produces a unique visual effect. If you think leather is too expensive, try denim, corduroy, and other styles that are stylish but relatively inexpensive. Take care to keep the other pieces simple to accentuate the plush jacket's appeal.

Although the overall price of a plush jacket is relatively high, it is worth your investment. The delicate leather will not lose its luster with the passage of time, on the contrary, it will be more attractive. If the budget allows, then choose a high-quality plush jacket that suits you. The artificial leather styles on the market cannot stand the test of time.

You can choose a dark brown or brown plush collar jacket, and match it with a round neck T-shirt and corduroy trousers to show the chic and handsome charm.


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