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Specifications of Screw Driver Straight Cross and How to Maintain

Every skilled craftsman needs a good tool helper, and a screw driver is indispensable in a set of tools. In modern society, screw drivers are inseparable from disassembly and assembly of any equipment. A screw driver is a good helper for modern life. You can buy a good helper screw driver online at taobao shop. So do you know what the specifications of a screw driver straight cross are? How to maintain a screw driver straight cross?

1. Specifications of a screw driver straight cross

1) Ordinary screw drivers are screw drivers with heads and handles built together. They are easy to prepare and can be used as long as they are taken out. However, because there are many different lengths and thicknesses of screws, sometimes it is necessary to prepare many different screw drivers.

2) Combined screw driver, a screw driver that separates the screw driver head and the handle. When you want to install different types of screws, you only need to replace the screw driver head, and you don't need to bring a large number of screw drivers. The advantage is that it can save space.

3) An electric screw driver uses an electric motor to replace the manual installation and removal of screws, usually a combination screw driver.

4) Clock screw driver, which belongs to the design of precision screw driver material, is commonly used in repairing hand strap type clocks and watches.

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2. How to maintain a screw driver straight cross?

1) The blade of the screw driver must be ground correctly, and the two edges of the blade must be as parallel as possible. If the blade is tapered, the blade can easily slip out of the screw slot when the screw driver is turned.

2) Do not grind the head of the screw driver too thin.

3) Be especially careful when grinding the screw driver on the grinding wheel, as it will overheat and make the edge of the screw driver soft. And when grinding, wear goggles.

In daily life, we rarely use screw drivers, but once there is something to be repaired and disassembled, screw drivers are essential tools. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a screw driver at Betteryoyo online taobao shop and prepare a multifunctional screw driver at home, which is not only convenient, but also does not take up space.