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Some tips for buying furniture

Walking into the furniture store, facing all the furniture in the mall, when you are attracted by all kinds of furniture, do you know how to buy furniture? Here are some tips.

1. Is the furniture structure firm?

When choosing small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., you can drag it on the concrete floor, drop it gently, if the sound is clear, it means the quality is good; if there is a crackling noise, it means that the mortise is not tightly integrated and the structure is not solid.


2. Mirror furniture

Choose furniture with mirrors, such as dressing tables, full-length mirrors, and full-length mirrors. Take a look in the mirror to see if the mirror is deformed or discolored.

Check if there are an inner liner and a back plate at the mercury at the back of the mirror. If there is no back plate, it will not be acceptable. If there is no paper, the mercury will be worn off.

3. Is the accessory installation reasonable?

Check whether the door lock switch is working properly; the large cabinet should be equipped with 3 concealed hinges, and some only install 2 will not work; 3 screws should be installed, and some only have a screw, and they will be lost after use.

4. The painted part should be smooth

The painting part of the furniture should be smooth and flat, wrinkle-free, no bumps, etc. The corners cannot be straight. The inside of the door of the furniture should also be painted with a coat of paint. If it is not painted, the board is easy to deform and unsightly.

5. The color should be coordinated with the interior decoration

Although white furniture is beautiful, it tends to turn yellow over time, while black is easy to turn gray. Generally speaking, furniture imitating mahogany color is not easy to change color.

6. Sit on the sofa and soft bed

When choosing sofas and soft beds, you should pay attention to the surface, which should be flat, not uneven; soft and hard should be uniform; hardness should be moderate, neither too hard nor too soft. The selection method is to sit and press with your hands. If the arrangement of the springs is unreasonable, causing the springs to bite, they will make a noise. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the quilting is broken or jumpered, and whether the density of the corners is reasonable. You can also buy these home appliances online.

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