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Some household accessories

The installation and use of home appliances are inseparable from accessories. Accessories play a decisive role in the use of home appliances. It also determines whether people can use appliances safely, efficiently, and conveniently. Here are some examples:

Main accessories of washing machine

Motor: This is an indispensable accessory for every washing machine, and it is the power source of the washing machine.

Computer board: equivalent to the human brain, the entire operation of the washing machine is done by it.

Water level switch: control the water volume, the water level switch is divided into multiple gears, and the water level can be freely selected according to the number of clothes when in use.

Water inlet valve: mainly located on the upper cover or the rear of the washing machine, it is used to control the water inlet of the washing machine. When water is needed, the computer board powers it, and you can open the valve to fill the washing machine with water.

Safety switch: mainly plays a role in ensuring safety. When the washing machine is dehydrated, the upper cover is opened, the machine will cut off the power and put the reducer in the braking state to ensure safety.

Capacitor: The main function is to increase the starting power of the motor to ensure that the machine can run at high speed during dehydration.

Drain valve: It is mainly used to control the drainage of the machine. It forms a linkage with the deceleration clutch. When drainage is needed, the drain valve opens the drain valve and places the reducer in the open position for dehydration work.

Microswitch: The main function is to ensure the balance of the machine. When the machine is severely tilted or fell to the ground during dehydration, the microswitch will power off the motor and stop the machine.


TV accessories

1. Multifunctional TV hanger

Different from the ordinary fixed hanger, the multi-function TV hanger has a certain distance from the wall, and also has the functions of moving left and right, and adjusting the tilt angle of up and down, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the TV and thereby prolongs the service life of the TV.

In addition, the advantages of multi-functional TV hangers can be more than one. To meet the different sight distance needs of the whole family, daily cleaning and cable management are also more convenient. It is very suitable for children and the elderly at home, which improves safety.

2. TV dust cover

The material of the TV dust cover is also very particular, the material with good dustproof, sunscreen, and breathability should be selected. The lace material of the old style will have a counterproductive effect. Clean the screen to prevent direct sunlight and extend the life of the TV. There is no professional brand for this type of product, mainly to choose the right material, simple fabric.

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