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Some fashionable summer hats

Now there are more and more kinds of hats on the market. When matching different styles of clothes, there are more choices for hats, but hats can’t be worn casually. Choosing a suitable hat can play a good decorative role.

1. Fisherman hat

The fisherman hat is also a hat style that has only become popular this year. It is called a fisherman hat because it is a revision of the hat worn by fishermen who fish by the sea. This kind of hat is generally made of cotton, linen, and denim. The design is relatively simple and the style is single, but because it is very versatile, many people like it. It can be a very practical hat with skirts and trousers.


2. Narrow cap

In addition to the wide brim of the fisherman hat, there is also a type with basically no brim or a short brim. This style of hat has no shading effect, just for matching clothes. Hats without brim and dark colors are suitable for casual and heavy clothes. They are very handsome items. The bright color and a little brim style is suitable for a cute outfit, a bit like the hat of Chibi Maruko.

3. Baseball cap

Baseball caps are also enduring and popular. This type of cap is a revision of the hat worn by baseball players. Because the predecessor of this type of hat was worn by athletes, this type of hat is mostly sporty and casual. Generally, if we go out without washing our hair, we can also pick up a baseball cap. It is very versatile and there is no problem with sunshading or anything.


4. Octagonal hat

This type of hat seems to be relatively rare, and fewer people wear it. Many people don't even know this style of hat. At first, this kind of hat was worn by British women. The material was hard cotton and linen. Later, there were fabrics and denim. This kind of hat is more suitable for matching British style clothes. Its style is a little special and has certain requirements for clothing matching.

5. Lace hat

The shape of the lace hat and the fisherman hat is a bit similar, both are round, and the hat has a wide brim. But the brim of the lace hat is more delicate than the fisherman hat. The general style of the common lace hat is that the hem of the hat is pleated, and the tailoring has a little more design than the fisherman hat. Generally, clothes with lace hats are cute and sweet.

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