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Robotic Window Cleaners - No Longer Worry about Cleaning Windows

A robotic window cleaner is a kind of smart home appliance. It can rely on the vacuum pump or fan device at the bottom of its own, firmly adsorbed on the glass, and then with the help of a certain artificial intelligence, automatically detect the corner distance of the window and plan the window cleaning path. The window cleaning robot generally uses the strength of its own adsorption on the glass to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass.


Working features of the robotic window cleaner:

1. One-click start, intelligent route planning, comprehensive coverage, no omissions.

2. After cleaning the window, the robotic window cleaner will automatically return to the starting point.

3. The covering cleaning effect is good, and one square meter of glass can be cleaned in 2 minutes.

4. Vacuum motor with a fine fiber cloth, easy to clean glass.



Cobos New Product Window Treasure W920 Window Cleaning Robot Household Intelligence


Advantages of the robotic window cleaner:

1. Anti-power-off, with USB power-off protection system, no drop in 20 minutes.

2. Anti-falling, 150kg/4.5m safety rope compressive strength.

3. Anti-collision, MEMS intelligent detection system.

4. Anti-falling, alarm when encountering frameless, and change the path.

5. Window cleaning with low decibels and the noise during window cleaning is about 60dB, which does not affect life.


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