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Practical Small Suit Matching Rules

The color of clothing is the primary information for judging a person's style. It is also the easiest entry point to change your personal style. Let's learn about the basic color-matching method-the same hue coordination method.

The same color system does not specifically refer to the same color, it refers to two or more different colors in the same color system. That is, the same hue on the hue circle is matched according to the changes in lightness and saturation. So this kind of collocation can reflect a gradual and regular layering, which is more beautiful.

In the selection of the same color series, don’t choose some eye-catching colors, and the upper and lower colors should be different, and there should be a slight deviation, so that there will be more layering. For more choices, you can buy small suits at women's clothing websites.


Dark khaki plaid suit plus a khaki shirt and coffee-colored trousers and brown leather shoes. You can choose shirts with silky fabrics to contrast with the texture of trousers and suits, and then form a layered feeling with cowhide plaid brown leather shoes.

Gray plaid suit with black and white small plaid shirt and black trousers and black leather shoes. The suit here is a gray plaid suit. The shirt is a black and white plaid and a white lace collar is added. It can mainly be matched with black trousers and small leather shoes, showing a sense of stability and a clear sense of hierarchy.

Dark khaki and black are paired together. Although both colors are dark, there will be no depressive feeling. The two tones have a complementary feeling. The coffee color is slightly warmer, which is perfectly combined with black. The dark khaki suits the khaki shirt with black trousers and black leather shoes, which looks very nice. It is suitable for people with fairer skin.

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