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Five Practical Color Matching Methods of Men's Clothing for Spring and Summer

In addition to the selection of single items and popular elements of men’s clothing, color matching is especially important. If you don't pay attention to wearing, it is easy to enter the color misunderstanding at the critical moment. This article takes you to master five practical color matching methods of men's clothing for spring and summer so that you can easily go out without thinking too much.

Five Color Matching Methods of Men's Clothing

Khaki and white

Khaki and white are actually a good match. Common khaki pants are paired with a white T-shirt or white shirt, and a pair of white sneakers that are fashionable, giving a clean and comfortable feeling. If you like to wear white, you can choose a white and khaki jacket to add layering to pure white.

Blue and white

White is most people’s first choice because it can be matched with any color, but it takes a lot of effort to dress smartly. When white is paired with blue, in order to avoid giving a top-heavy visual sense, choosing a white top (shirt or T-shirt) with blue pants is highly recommended.

Blue and white

Blue and green

The combination of blue and green is the most vivid color combination on the streets and catwalks of Fashion Week this season. Although blue is an iconic color for men, green is not easy to wear for everyone and looks good on it. if it is the first time to choose a green item, it is recommended to start with small accessories like a belt or a tie.

Black and white

Black and white have always been a must-have item combination for boys' wardrobes, and it is also the most secure and error-free universal item for men to wear this season.

Khaki and blue

Khaki and blue

In addition to matching green and white, blue can also be matched with khaki. Choose a light khaki jacket for dark blue pants and a light blue top for khaki pants.

Practical Color Matching Patterns of Men's Clothing for Spring and Summer

Most boys do not have many clothes. Changing these sets of clothes every day seems to be boring. In fact, it doesn’t have to be the case, and it depends on how you wear the clothes. If you want to find cheap stylish clothes, you can look at betteryoyo, the best Taobao agent.

Actually, if a man can only have four tops, four pants and two pairs of shoes, they should be:

1. For white t-shirts, the collar should not be too high, and most people can't hold deep V or large U collars. One-line collars or large round collars are recommended. It is recommended not to use threaded mouths. Rough edges or simple thin edges are better.

2. The white oxford spinning shirt is very suitable for men to have one. In fact, it is suitable for wearing in three seasons in a year. If you have one, it is better to have a collar button.

3. Blue POLO shirt, it is recommended to be a little darker blue. You can't hold the sapphire blue shirt. The sky blue t-shirt sounds beautiful but looks not pretty. Sky blue is only suitable for shirts. It is best to have white lines on the cuffs and collar or it would be too dull. There is no decoration in other places, not even a small logo pattern.

4. The red grid gingham short-sleeved shirt or the red-black grid short-sleeved shirt, the main purpose of this shirt is to complement your outfit.

5. You can dress for the lower half in navy blue, black slim or small leg pants, khaki slim pants, and slim wash blue jeans.

6. For the shoes, it’s better to have white shoes (leather is the best) and half-carved brogue brown leather shoes. These four tops can take any of the four pairs of pants. Similarly, pants can also take any top. The same goes for shoes. Therefore, as long as with 10 pieces of clothing, you can wear them without repeating a day for a month.

This is just a pattern in color matching. More importantly, the different ways of wearing will make people feel very different. For clothes: a little difference in detail, the effect is very different.

Five Practical Color Matching Methods of Men's Clothing for Spring and Summer

It is worth noting that some clothes can be worn in one way. Pure business shirts cannot be worn open, trousers cannot be rolled up, and linen shirts cannot be used for business ties. The difference is that some clothes are worn in more ways and some less.

Follow the five color matching methods for men's clothing introduced above, match them with tops and bottoms with the similar style, and practice the matching method, so you can easily go out without thinking too much about what and how to wear.