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Some home/ garden/pets items

In-home, the quality of some products directly determines the quality of your life, so it must be strictly checked. Let's take a look at the Home/garden/pets category column to learn about pet supplies online and other items, and you can find all you want at Betteryoyo.

Home decor

1. Good mattresses and bedding

Life can be simpler, but sleeping must not be simpler. If a person can live to 80 years old, the time spent in bed is about 26 years. If you don’t have a good mattress, it’s no different from you laying on the floor every night.

2. Glass windows

People who live in the city have such troubles, that is, you are often awakened by the whistle and car sounds on the road. At this time, a thick window can really save you! Thick glass windows not only have sound insulation effect but also keep warm.

Garden utility

1. Small Tool House

Do you also have shovels, rakes, and the like in your garden? If the garden is not large and there are not many tools, you can use a relatively small tool room, which is beautiful and tidy. It is enough to store some commonly used tools. You can also make them according to your own hobbies.

2. Tool Wall

You can also make a tool wall. Larger tools can be hung on the outside wall of the house, making it easier to access.

3. Operation table

Planting flowers inevitably requires remodeling, so a reversible table with both tool storage and flower pot storage is very necessary.

Of course, appearance is also important. If there are used shelves or cargo boxes, it is also very convenient to transform it. Just paint it with your favorite color.

Pet supplies


Pets are undoubtedly the most important partners in the minds of many people, and their status in life is equivalent to friends and family. When the pet is about to leave, the owner's pain and thoughts can hardly be felt by others. In order to satisfy people who like pets, there is a new pet toy key chain, they can have their own pet cat or dog key chain. This kind of key chain is interesting and beautiful, suitable for all kinds of people.

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