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One of the Classic Musical Instruments-Guitar

Guitar (Italian: Chitarra), also translated as a hexagram. It is a plucked stringed instrument, usually with six strings, similar in shape to a violin. Classical guitar, violin, and piano are listed as the world's three most famous musical instruments.


The advantage of Yamaha guitar:

Whether it is a plywood or veneer guitar, the texture of wood determines the quality of the sound to a large extent. Yamaha has a long history and strong strength. It is self-evident that high-quality wood resources and broad channels are typical in Indonesia. The tropical rain forest climate and the natural creation conditions that are difficult to replicate ensure that the wood has an extraordinary quality from the beginning.



Yamaha Guitar F600


Material craftsmanship of Yamaha guitar:

1) Spruce panel

Spruce is light and hard, with good toughness and excellent resonance. Its sound is soft and bright, with high sensitivity, strong bass, and clear midrange. Because the tension direction of the panel and neck need to be in the same direction as the wood grain and cut at a fan-shaped acute angle, the logs of the spruce panel need to spend a lot of time to intercept, and through multiple manual procedures, carefully selected, supplemented by wet effects The processing and long-term natural air-drying process make the sound thicker and more mature, while the stability is greatly improved.


2) Comfortable rosewood fingerboard

The raw materials are produced in Indonesia and select rosewood with rich fat and delicate texture and insist on using labor-consuming and time-consuming hand-made. Time and patience are intangible costs.


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