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Nice-looking and Useful Office Supplies

The recommendation for everyone today is office supplies. After graduation, the place we stayed the longest was the office desk, and work occupied most of our lives.

We can’t change the nature of our work, we cannot change the place of work. It doesn’t matter, we can choose what we use. Office supplies that are more interesting, comfortable, and beautiful will also make us more comfortable in the work process. If you want to buy them, for cheap, you can buy from china taobao agent.

NO.1 Color ink

High permeability, a total of 24 colors, the color system is relatively complete, but it is easy to blur the paper, and the requirements for the paper are higher. Looks good, the writing effect is also superb.

NO.2 Fountain pen

As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a saddle, and good ink must be equipped with a pen. You can choose some very classic pens, the price is not more than one hundred, high-cost performance.

NO.3 Reed paper notebook

Both pen and water are available, and then it is the turn of the book!

The paper is thinner and softer, the paper quality is great, the gel pen will not bleed the paper, and the ballpoint pen writing experience will be better. Very beautiful, the screen can't show its beauty, the real thing is very textured, and the line spacing is small.

NO.4 Ballpoint pen

Some people say that they don't like to use pens, and feel troublesome. You must like ballpoint pens, it is smooth!

NO.5 Calculator

Office supplies are naturally indispensable for calculators, and some people must use them every day. The office does not need any complicated formulas, and it is suitable if it has basic functions. The white one is really beautiful, simple and light. The big keyboard must be very comfortable to click.

NO.6 drop-shaped pin

There are too many files, and I am afraid of chaos. I like to use pins to sort them together. The traditional paper clips are too old-fashioned to change the shape. The drop shape of the pins will make people who see it smile.

NO. Post-it

Translucent plastic material is convenient for marking and not easy to damage. Moreover, the design of this sticky note is particularly good, very easy to use, you may wish to buy one and try it first.