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Midea Air Cooler Just Like Air Conditioner

The air cooler is an evaporative cooling and ventilation unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust prevention, and deodorization. In addition to bringing fresh air and lowering the temperature, there is another important feature-energy saving and environmental protection.


Advantages of Midea Air Cooler:

The high-density ice crystals continuously release cold air, and one freeze can be used for half a day. The continuous cold air blows effectively and quickly lower the body temperature;

Three levels of air volume can be adjusted at will;

50W low energy consumption, once used for 2.5 days;

Multiple uses:

1. The air cooler can be used as a fan without water

2. It can be used as a humidifier when it is added to water

3. It is as cool as an air conditioner when it is added with ice crystals;



Electric Fan Cooler Conditioner Remote Single Air Cooling


Comparison of Midea Air Cooler and Ordinary Air Conditioner:

Midea Air Cooler

Ordinary Air Conditioner

Add water and ice crystals to cool down healthily

Not suitable for the elderly and children

Refreshing cool breeze, healthy and humidifying

The wind blowing is not cool and dry

Removable and washable water tank, enjoy the fresh and cool breeze

The water tank is not removable and easy to breed bacteria

No need to close doors and windows, real-time fresh air

Doors and windows need to be closed, the air seal is not fresh

No need to install, move anywhere

Door-to-door installation and not easy to disassemble


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