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Men's tops and shirts matching

New elements have always been added to the trend stage, and old elements have also been eliminated. However, sweaters and T-shirts have always occupied an important position, of course, this is inseparable from their comfort and fashion. Among them, boys especially love T-shirts and sweaters. This Men's Tops and Shirts collection offers many shirts that have both fashion and satisfying details. Whether you're looking for what kind of men's tops and shirts, you'll find many good looks here and you can buy men’s cheap stylish clothes here.

Several kinds of men's tops

1.T-shirt with letters

T-shirts printed with letters have been popular for decades, and it has also become a favorite of young men and women, but the current letter T-shirts are also following the trend, on the basis of retaining the printing, combined with other elements to create different styles. English letters can also be printed on the conspicuous position of the clothes, sometimes off-center is also a fashion element. Generally speaking, pure white T-shirts are more primitive, but a simple English is printed near the lower right, which adds a little sense of fashion. With a black casual jacket, the whole shape is simple and fashionable.


2.Patterned T-shirt

A huge picture across the chest did not make the shape messy or abrupt, but the pure-colored clothes became colorful due to the appearance of this pattern and had a more fashionable taste. There are also some letters elements on the general patterned T-shirts, but it is more of a match and foil. Of course, in addition to being beautiful, the patterns on the T-shirts sometimes have different meanings!


3.Camouflage T-shirt

Camouflage should be the most masculine element, and it is also an element that many boys like. Unlike the exclusive military uniforms in the past, the current camouflage elements are applied to various apparel fields. Even though there is only a simple camouflage pattern in the whole T-shirt, it completely highlights the heroic bravery of men! It is no wonder that camouflage is indeed the color that once belonged to soldiers!

4. Pure color pullover sweater

For the boys, the status of the sweater is the same as that of the T-shirt, and it is a must-have item in the boys' wardrobe! Although more and more men's shirt styles are appearing now, sweaters still occupy an unshakable place. Because of the basic fixed version, the sweater can only change the style through details. The pure color pullover sweater is simply versatile and magical, because of its simplicity, there is no problem with a variety of styles.

Tips for men's clothing matching

1. A beautiful suit and tie will make a man look very fashionable, but a good suit without a tie will make him look more fashionable.

2. If you wear a suit, but you don’t wear a tie, you can use that kind of casual shoes. If you wear a tie, you can’t.

3. If the newly purchased shirt can insert two fingers between the neck and the collar, it means that the shirt will still be very suitable after washing.

4. You can vaguely see the T-shirt worn inside through the shirt of a man, just as embarrassed as a woman wearing pants that can reveal the underwear inside.

5. If it is not a professional hand wash, a shirt of more than 300 yuan will soon be worth only 25 yuan.

6. A spirited hairstyle and a good pair of shoes are better than an expensive suit.

7. If you are wearing a three-button suit, you can just fasten the first button, or you can fasten the two buttons on the top, that is, you can't just fasten the bottom button and open the top two buttons.

8. Wearing a double-breasted suit, all buttons can't be buckled, especially the collar button.

9. If you are not sure what clothes to wear on a certain occasion, then the focus is much stronger than casual points, people will think you will go to a more important occasion later!

10. A cheap cashmere sweater is actually far softer and more comfortable than a better sweater.

11. Worse than wearing socks that have not covered the ankle bones is wearing plaid socks that have not covered the ankle bones. Do not wear white socks when wearing formal attire.

12. Anyway, you don’t have to have too many khaki casual clothes.

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