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Men's Nightwear Matching Suggestions

Looking through the street photography in summer in recent years, we will find that there is a single product that frequently appears in the summer outfits of many gentlemen. Although it is not as versatile as a formal shirt, it is sometimes more elegant and casual than a normal casual shirt. This unique item that has been recalled by the fashion industry in recent years is pajamas.

To wear pajamas with a noble feel, you also need to consider materials and styles.

In terms of material, it is recommended to choose silk first. The soft feel and high-quality luster can make pajamas decent enough, and it is also different from ordinary casual shirts. Whether you wear it inside or outside, the elegant feeling of silk will give you enough confidence to wear pajamas outside.

The breathability of cotton and linen is certainly a big temptation to ensure a good body feel, but there is no lack of these common items in your wardrobe. Starting with a decent and handsome pajamas is undoubtedly a more unique style choice.

If you want to improve the coolness when wearing, you can also use natural silk instead of real silk. Although it is man-made fiber, its fabric performance is better than other non-natural fabrics. It is also refreshing to wear and retains the same natural luster.


Since it is a casual item, you don't have to be too restrictive, especially for thinner men, it is recommended to choose a slightly loose fit version to reduce the overall image of weakness.

For the style, you can choose the classic pajama pattern with contrasting colors and curled edges, which is different from ordinary casual shirts, and the three-dimensional curled edges and contrasting tones can easily create styling highlights and layering. Besides, striped patterns are also good choices. For more styles, you can buy your pajamas at online clothing shops.

The simplest and non-error-prone collocation is to wear a pair of high-waisted trousers. According to the dressing method of formal shirts, it can neutralize the casual feeling of pajamas, which is closer to the elegant holiday style.

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