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Men's coats and jackets matching

Men's clothes come in many different styles, including coats, jackets, and suits. Among them, suits are probably the most frequently worn clothes. Let's take a look at some knowledge about suits.

Men's suit matching mistakes

A suit is a must-have for men. It can make you appear more confident and neat, but many men have misunderstandings in varying degrees, which greatly reduces the overall image.

1. Wear a white shirt without a tie

A suit with a white shirt is the most formal way to wear it, so if you do not wear a tie, it will give people a very casual feeling. And the white shirt has no patterns, which makes people feel monotonous.

2. Color mismatch

A set of formal wear consists of a suit, shirt, tie, trousers. The color selection of trousers is relatively easy, as long as you choose some colors such as dark blue, black, dark beige, etc., but it's a little difficult to match the suit with a shirt and tie well.

Here is one of the most reliable methods: Do not choose a too flowery tie, dark gray is suitable, white is the most suitable color for shirt, and dark color for a suit, the color difference between the three should not be too large, try to be the same color so that the overall look will be comfortable.

Men's suit matching tips

Wearing silver-gray, milky white suits, suitable for wearing scarves, scarlet, dark green, sea blue, brown-black tie, which will give people a quiet, beautiful, chic feeling.

Wearing red and fuchsia suits, suitable for wearing white, cream yellow, silver-gray, lake blue, emerald green tie to show an elegant and luxurious effect.

Wearing dark blue, dark green suits, suitable for wearing orange, milky white, light blue, rose-colored tie, which will give people a deep, subtle beauty.


How to match suit with tie and shirt and how to select men’s cheap stylish clothes? Wearing a suit without tying a tie is too casual to attend a formal occasion. Speaking of wearing a tie, there can be a lot of attention.

Let's take a look at the color and pattern of the tie first. Generally speaking, the tie of plain color, twill, dot, and geometric pattern can be matched with any style of suit or shirt. However, it should be noted that the pattern of paramecium can only be worn in leisure, it is best to avoid using it at work, otherwise, it will be rude.

Let's take a look at the three styles of neckties: The style of neckties is mainly reflected in the width of neckties. The width of common neckties is mostly 8-9 cm, the widest is up to 12 cm, and the narrowest is only 5-7 cm. Ties are basically divided into three types, you can choose according to your hobbies.

In the hot summer days, it is best to wear light and soft ties made of silk. The tie knot should also be small, giving a refreshing feeling. In autumn and winter, the colors are mainly warm colors. For example, warm colors such as deep red and coffee colors will have a visual sense of warmth. In the spring and summer seasons, cool colors can be the main component, and warm colors can be the supplement.

Next, let's look at the basic principles of color matching: silver-gray, milky white suit with a red tie, red, purple suit with white tie, dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie, brown, dark green suit with sky blue tie.

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