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Men’s bottoms in different styles

Compared to women, men's trousers are much less in style. However, men wear pants for much longer and more often than women. Common men's bottoms are mainly: jeans, casual pants, suit pants, sports pants, and so on.

Classification of men's bottoms

1. Jeans

There are many types and colors of jeans, and the "bright and dark colors" can be adapted to all collocations. You can choose according to your requirements. Simple and slim jeans are more versatile. If you want more fashion, you can choose torn jeans.


2. Casual trousers

Casual pants have the same effect as jeans, they are all-round items in the match. The only difference is style. Jeans are visually slim and trendy, while casual pants are visually looser. It is recommended that you buy gray, black and blue, and choose the most simple style.


3. Suit pants

The suit pants mentioned here are formal trousers. For people who need to wear on many serious occasions, suit trousers with good fabric drape and slim fit is especially necessary. It is recommended that you use black and blue as the main color, and a simple and versatile style is better.


4. Sports pants

Sports pants are not suitable for all single products, but they are suitable for most people who want to learn to match. The jogging pants that became popular since last year are definitely a boon for many people. Recommend that you choose comfortable sports pants, and black is the most suitable color.


How to select men’s cheap stylish clothes? Generally speaking, everyone wants their pants to look appropriate and to be worn properly, but what does this "fit" mean?

1. Comfortable. It should not be too loose or too tight.

2. Appropriate length. This means neither too short nor too long. A slight midline break is great, and a large midline break means your pants are too long.

3. Appropriate size. The waist, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles all have the correct circumference.

4. If you want clean lines, you need as little wrinkles as possible.

5. When you are not wearing a jacket, the most suitable way to judge whether the pants fit is to look at the rearview.

6. According to experience, pants with a natural waist when sitting down are more close-fitting than pants with a low cut.

7. No matter how good a pair of trousers are, they will shift during the day. Belts and side adjusters will help maintain the position of the pants, but only the strap is the best weapon-it can guarantee that the pants will fit the day.

8. Loose and slim tailoring are different. But very slim trousers had to be shortened slightly because the folds would only make the slim trousers look very embarrassing.

9. Lightweight fabric pants will wrinkle faster. Compared to heavy wool or tweed fabric with good drape, they are not suitable for the same cut pants.

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