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Male T-shirt

Regardless of boys and girls, white T-shirts should be the most common clothes in people's wardrobes, but everyone has it does not mean that everyone can wear it beautifully and Stylishly. White T-shirts are the most basic style, how to wear the basic model out of fashion sense and taste, we must pay attention to the details.

Today, I’ll talk to boys about how to choose a T-shirt and how to match a white T-shirt.

How to choose a classic white T-shirt?

1. Fabric

Fabric is directly about comfort, so the fabric is the first thing to talk about. White T-shirt fabrics include pure cotton, modal cotton (recycled fiber), Peruvian cotton, refined sulfur cotton, mercerized cotton, synthetic fibers (made of polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.), generally 100% cotton and modal cotton are good choices, the former is comfortable and breathable, the latter is cool and close to the body. However, modal cotton is not very contoured. People who are too thin or a little fat are not suitable, and they will make your body shape look ugly.

Peruvian cotton is a natural fabric. You see "PIMA" on the clothes label, this is Peruvian cotton. It is strong and durable and has good toughness. Especially for dyed T-shirts, the color vividness of this cotton will last longer. A lot of white T-shirts in Uniqlo are made of this kind of cotton.

Pure sulfur cotton is not easy to pill and is very strong. Not like some clothes, you can see the pinholes of the clothes once you wash them. Mercerized cotton is more advanced. It is treated with cotton fibers in a chemical solution to make the fiber weight stronger, which makes the appearance look like silk, smooth, and glossy. Mercerized cotton is more used in high-end shirts, polo shirts, etc.

2. Collar type

The most common types of collars are round necks and V necks. It is recommended that small V and round necks are acceptable. Don't be too exposed as in European and American street shots.

3. Length of clothing

The most suitable length of the T-shirt is the position that just covers the belt. If it is too short, it looks small, and if it is lower than this position, bending or crouching will expose the meat. Clothes that are too long are not good. If you exceed the hips, you will make your body ratio turn from 4: 6 directly to 5: 5.

4. Style

Moderate looseness is best. If too tight, not to mention the bumps on the chest, the armpit hair may also be exposed, the most important imperfect body will be exposed, even if you have a body shape like Captain America, the tightness always makes a strange feeling. There are many people who choose loose styles, but if a man is too thin, wear it will give people a feeling of drug abuse.

Boys white T's daily mix

1. White T-shirt and jeans

White T collocation and light-wash straight jeans and canvas shoes: this pair of looks will be a bit vintage, but also a bit neutral, many girls wear it this way, boys should pay attention to the length when choosing straight pants, just choose straight pants. It's embarrassing to get little bell-bottom pants.


2. White T and light-colored washed jeans and white shoes

The whole look fresh and simple and looks very energetic in summer.

3.White T + Slim Hole Jeans + Deerskin Chelsea Boots

This set is very masculine, and hormones will rise. Basically, this match does not have any requirements for age, body shape, and appearance.