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Bags in different styles

People often need a variety of bags to deal with different occasions and different styles. If you want to be fashionable, the popular PVC translucent material quickly turns you into a fashionista. If you want to become an elite in the workplace, buy a leather bag, which is both decent and versatile. You can buy luggage online at betteryoyo, and you will find your favorite luggage.

Classification of various bags

1. Quilted bag

When it comes to the quilted bag, I think of its originator-Chanel. Chanel's classic quilted bag is the dream of many girls. The quilted bag is usually not large, and the strap is a chain. The weight of the quilted bag is generally heavier, so it looks stiff and has a good texture.


2. Saddle

Saddlebag means that the shape of the bag is very similar to the saddle, and the shape is exactly like the letter "U". This kind of bag is very durable. It has a feeling of retro look and more retro. The shape is also very versatile, except for special formal occasions.


3. Boston bag

The Boston bag looks like a horizontal cylinder. The material of this bag is generally tough, and it is not easy to deform. The biggest feature is the large capacity, so many people will carry it to travel. It is said that it is a popular package among the students of Boston University in the United States, hence the name. Its biggest feature is that no matter whether it is empty or full, it looks very strong and will not collapse.


4. Tote bags

Large size, relatively square in shape, mostly open without zippers, and short shoulder straps. Bags with this feature are called tote bags. Tote means to carry, portable, shoulder, which means large tote bags or shopping bags, so tote bags are not only leather but also the fabric. The history of the tote bag can be traced back to the 17th century. It was originally designed by an American outdoor brand LL Bean for boating enthusiasts to load things, but it has been loved by most people, which has set off a craze for handbags.


5. Messenger bag

The messenger bag was also first introduced by the outdoor sports field. At first, the men's bag was the mainstream. The shape is relatively tough and masculine. The messenger bag is usually large in capacity. It has a flip cover so it is safe. Many businessmen will choose them.


How to choose the right bag for yourself?

To buy luggage online, the first step is to determine your daily style and the occasions so that you can really buy a versatile and fashionable bag.

There are three occasions in life.

1. Leisure

It is less restrictive on casual occasions and can be purchased according to personal style. You can choose a simple style, girlish style, modern style, sports style.

2. Business

Business situations are more restrictive, but the choice of bags is simpler. Various rules and regulations make the selectivity of bags fixed within a certain range.

The workplace is more serious, so when choosing a bag, pay attention to choosing smart, simple, textured, and high-priced bags. For example, A4 briefcase, platinum bag, supporting bag matching the height. If you want something smaller, choose exquisite and stable handbags.

3. Social

Social occasions mainly refer to attending various banquets. In life, everyone will participate in parties more or less, such as weddings, annual meetings, etc., these grand occasions, how to choose a correct bag becomes very important.

The quality of bags is the highest in social occasions, so you can choose some niche designs, if you want to have more style, you can choose a delicate dinner bag with diamonds.

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