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Learn About Gardening Tools Before Growing Plants

Nowadays, although people are living under a lot of pressure, they can alleviate it by traveling and growing plants. In fact, most people will choose to keep bonsai, and plant trees when they have a yard, to cultivate their sentiment. Gardening tools are essential when planting flowers and trees, whether it is pruning, watering, digging, etc., each has its own tools.

Garden excavation tools:

1. Shovel

The most common digging tool is a gardening shovel. Generally, what we see and use are flat, rectangular, semi-circular, or pointed, which is different in shape from our traditional farm tool shovel. The gardening shovel is smaller and more exquisite than a traditional shovel. It is used by gardeners for planing, turning, and preparing the ground. It is also an ideal choice for preparing planting beds and planting.


2. The hoe

It is used to remove stubborn tree roots and hay to level the soil and prepare for planting new plants. The curved blade of the square hoe is more convenient for workers to dig trenches and soil, and the slightly curved handle is more comfortable to grasp, and it can be swung freely for the hand and wrist.


3. Ripper

The ripper can easily rake through thick and hard soil because of its strong sharp teeth, and almost all weeds fell on the ground wherever it passed. Moreover, the handle of the ripper is sturdy and durable, and it is comfortable and convenient when cleaning and preparing the ground. The stainless steel tines also ensure long-term frequent use.

4. Folding shovel

Whether it is eradicating stubborn and tough weeds or digging a trench for irrigation, a folding shovel can do the job, regardless of the softness of the soil.


Purchase and maintenance of garden digging tools:

1. After using the excavating tool, you need to clean the dirt and water on the tool completely. Remember not to put away the tools immediately before they are completely dried, otherwise, the metal parts are easy to rust, and the wooden handles are also easy to rot. Linseed oil can be rubbed on the wooden handle of the excavating tool for protection.

2. In order to prevent rusting of the excavating tools, you can also use this method: use a five-gallon bucket, fill it with sand used for construction, and then pour a quart of special oil each time before putting the tools away. Put it in this sand bucket and insert it several times in a row, and this sand bucket can also be used as a spade stand.

In summary, only when maintenance is done well, will the excavating tools be used for a longer period of time, and they will not be difficult to use due to rust and other reasons.

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