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Ladies Dresses and Skirts

Unconsciously, it’s summer, and the temperature gradually becomes higher. At this time, girls on the street always have all kinds of dresses. Of course, skirts are essential. The skirts are like a weapon for girls to show their charm. There is more than one dress in the closet, and the feminine charm is fully demonstrated in this hot season. From skirts and shirt dresses to evening gowns and whatnot, Ladies Dresses and Skirts collection provides all the popular fashion themes with style fixes for each category. You can buy cheap dresses online at betteryoyo.

Different Dress Types and Styles for Women

1. Backless dresses

When you think of a backless dress, the first thoughts that come to mind are sexy sophistication worth glancing over. Usually worn to formal or semi-formal events, there’s nothing hotter than a backless dress. From jeweled pieces to laced up numbers, a sexy backless dress is a must-have in every women’s fashion wardrobe. If you’re slim and trim and want to flaunt that fabulous back, this is the pick for you.


2. Club Dresses

A night out at the club calls for fashion dramatics depicting a world of their own. Sexy, revealing and statement pieces are definitely the way to go. We’re referring to sequin stunners and ruched detailing to slinky bodycon dresses, these looks are sure to set the dance floor on fire.


3. Casual Dresses

Casual wear is all about simplicity and stylish comfort. Fabrics that are no fuss, soft and breathable are what you should be aiming for. Silk tops, skinny jeans, or shirt dresses are fun options you can experiment with this season. Pair it up with some funky accessories and you’ve got a look like no other.


Dresses choosing a guide for people of different body shapes

Pear-shaped body

Recommendation: Umbrella skirt

Girls with pear-shape have thicker buttocks and lower body, but the upper body is slender, so the most important thing is the tailoring of the skirt. It is recommended to choose a three-dimensional silhouette of the umbrella skirt. Make the hip-width looks like an illusion caused by the skirt. In addition, it is best to choose the waist down style, adding some belt-shaped ornaments to make the effect more obvious.

Apple-shaped body

Recommendation: Flared skirt

The flared skirt is a skirt like a blooming trumpet flower from the waist to the hem. It is a bit like a fishtail skirt, but there is no obvious boundary. The apple-shaped body is fuller on the chest and abdomen, so the upper body is tailored to be simple and neat, while the hem folds of the flare skirt can shift the focus and make the overall look more balanced.

H-shaped body

Recommendation: lace-up shirt skirt

The main point of the H-shaped body is to shape the curve, so it is best to choose some dresses that can clearly show the waist. Such as the lace-up type, the shirt skirt hem can better show your slender legs.

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