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Knowledge about women's shoes

Knowledge about women's shoes

Women's shoes are an indispensable item in women's daily clothing. Every woman wants to own a pair of shoes. Although women's shoes have various styles, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you, in order to show your unique charm and fashion style. Women's shoes have many styles and colors. Choose the right women's shoes to match your clothing, in order to show your unique charm and fashion style. Next, let me introduce to you what kinds of women's shoes are available and you can buy them from china taobao agent.

1. Classification according to usage

According to the purpose, women's shoes can be divided into 8 categories:

Boots generally refer to shoes above the ankle; short boots generally refer to ankle boots; flat shoes have a relatively simple upper and no heel; Pumps are the most classic high heel style; Loafers and Oxford shoes are both men's shoes at the beginning, relatively neutral; Sandals are worn in summer with a large area exposed on the feet; slippers are sandals without heels.

2. Classification according to height

A.flat heel (below 30mm)

B. Middle heel (30mm-50mm)

C. high heel (50mm-80mm)

D. Super high heel (above 80mm)

3. Classification by style

There are 15 styles of women's shoes, sweet, European, American, OL, and casual are the four main styles.

Japanese and Korean sweet style: sweet, Japanese, Korean

European and American trend styles: European and American, retro, British, punk, neutral, Roman, sexy

OL fashion style: OL, simple and elegant

Casual and comfortable style: casual style, ethnic style

4. Classification by shape

A. Square heel: the shape is very close to the rectangular heel

B. Horseshoe-shaped heel: a heel whose shape is like horse's hoof

C. Wedge heels: Wedge heels are high-heeled shoes, but they also have a certain height under the forefoot. Compared with ordinary high-heeled shoes of the same height, wedge heels are less tiring. The advantage of wedge heel shoes is that with the thick bottom, it can increase infinitely in a limited situation, and it is easier to walk than thin high heels.

D. Sponge heels: heels with a foam height of more than 50 mm in front and back.

E. Wine glass heel: A long time ago when a shoe designer was drunk, looking at the wine glass in his hand and could not help but think, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could apply the shape of this wine glass to the heel, so he designed it the next day. With the heel of the wine glass, the upper end of the heel is round and full like a wine glass, and the tapered heel is slender and moving like the handle of the wine glass.