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Knowledge about air conditioning equipment

What is the air conditioning? The air conditioner refers to a device that adjusts and controls the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, flow rate, and other parameters of the ambient air in a building or structure by manual means.

How to choose your own air conditioner?

1. Consider the size of the room and the floor spacing of the room (the height from the ground to the ceiling)

The larger the area of the room, the higher the floor distance, the greater the cooling power of the air conditioner; that is, the larger the room's net space, the greater the cooling power of the air conditioner. Otherwise, it is small.

2. Consider the structure, orientation, and floor of the room

If the room is single-story or is constructed of iron sheet, glass, fiberglass, etc., resulting in poor insulation, or facing northwest, or the top floor, the sun is exposed for a long time, and if there are many doors and windows, the cooling power of the air conditioner should be bigger. Otherwise, it is small.

3. The purpose of the room and individual requirements

In the living room or dining room, if there is a large flow of people, and if you eat hot pots at the living room, the cooling power of the air conditioner should be greater. On the contrary, as a sleeping room, the cooling power of the air conditioner needn’t so large. Some people request that the colder the better, they like to open the air conditioner when covering the quilt. Then you can choose the air conditioner with big cooling power when you buy it.

What is the home heating equipment?

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioner is a kind of heating equipment commonly used in many people's homes. Air conditioners can make the room warm up quickly, which is convenient and fast. However, the use of an air conditioner for heat conduction will make people feel dry and not very comfortable.

Electric heater

Electric heating is a heating device commonly used in southern regions. This kind of equipment is small in size and easy to move. It has an excellent local heating effect, but electric heating consumes a large amount of electricity and has a limited heating range. If it works for a long time, it will also have a certain impact on its service life.


Floor heating


Underfloor heating is a family heating device that has been loved by many people in recent years. It can achieve heating between family partitions, which is very convenient. At present, the floor heating in the market is mainly divided into two types: water floor heating and electric floor heating. Water floor heating is more suitable for continuous use of those large-area spaces, but the water floor heating is slower in heating, while the electric floor heating is quicker and has a longer service life.

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