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Kitchen Appliances

In daily life, there are a lot of electrical appliances that need to be used, especially with the continuous development of technology. Now many new electrical appliances are constantly entering our lives, which is very convenient for our lives. Let's take a look at the Kitchen Appliances category column, and you can buy kitchen appliances online at Betteryoyo.

Popular kitchen appliances

1. Traditional kitchen appliances

Traditional kitchen appliances refer to range hoods, stoves, and disinfection cabinets. Most of these three appliances are equipped in the kitchen at home.

2. Dishwasher

Don't you want to wash the dishes after cooking? Then leave it to the dishwasher! The kitchen can be equipped with a dishwasher that combines dishwashing, drying, and disinfection. Choosing a built-in dishwasher can save more space. After eating, put the bowl in the sink and rinse it, you can put it directly in the dishwasher, which is very convenient.

3. Water Purifier

The tap water transportation pipeline is so long that some impurities will inevitably occur. Therefore, a water purifier should also be installed in the kitchen to remove impurities such as sediment or heavy metals in the water, so that the whole family can drink clean water.

4. Garbage processor

Install a garbage processor in the kitchen, you can dispose of the garbage in a hand, and it will be dealt with in ten seconds. You don’t have to worry about the smell of the garbage, and you don’t have to carry the garbage to the garbage station every day.

5. Oven

There is an oven at home, which can occasionally be used to bake bread and make cakes. In addition, it can also be used for cooking, grilling chicken wings and ribs, which is also very convenient and worth buying.


6. Steam box

Steamers are currently used by many people at home. You can use the steamer to steam fish, steamed pork ribs, etc., which is also convenient.

Principles for the purchase of kitchen appliances

1. Brand and service are the most important

International brand products have strict requirements in all aspects of parts procurement, production technology, quality control, etc. The quality is generally reliable, and the after-sales service system is perfect. It is already a consensus of everyone to choose products of famous brands. However, because Chinese cooking habits are different from those in the West, Chinese people need large suction range hoods and high-fire gas stoves, while Europe and the United States are accustomed to eating Western food. Their hood suction power and gas stove firepower are generally small. Therefore, it is recommended not to use imported products without Chinese-style transformation.

2. Choose healthy and environmentally friendly

The kitchen is the main source of pollution in the home. Kitchen appliances are the core components in the kitchen. Whether they have healthy and environmentally friendly functions is crucial!

3. Low consumption is saving

The use of energy-saving and low-consumption electrical products is truly called saving money. Don't just pay attention to whether the selling price of the product is low, but more importantly, to see whether the product itself has the functions of energy saving and low consumption.

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