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Kid and mom clothing

Nowadays, parents want to dress up their babies beautifully and handsomely. But in the face of a wide variety of fashionable, colorful baby clothes on the market, how should parents choose?

When buying kid and mom clothing brands, the physiological characteristics of kid and mom should be fully considered, and the four main points of softness, breathability, comfort, and safety should be reflected.

How to distinguish the quality of kid and mom clothing?

Appearance quality: Whether there are obvious defects on the main surface of children's clothing.

There are no color differences and cracks in the main seams of children's clothing. When choosing to clothe, you can pull on the side seam to see if there is any "slip" in the seam. Pay attention to the "slip" condition of the lining.

Quality identification: visually check whether the sewing lines of the main parts of children's clothing are straight and whether the seams are smooth.

Check whether the symmetrical parts of the children's clothing are consistent. For example, the length of the left and right sleeves, and the size of the cuffs, the length of the bag cover, the width of the bag and the height of the bag position.

Pay attention to the texture of various accessories and decorative objects on children's clothing, such as whether the zipper is smooth, whether the button is firm, and whether the four-button is suitable for elasticity. Special attention should be paid to the fastness of various buttons or decorative pieces.

Physical and chemical properties: Emphasize the prohibition of the use of decomposable aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde content, PH value, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to water, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to saliva, sewing strength (button, clothing belt) and fabric lining fiber composition and other 9 items. Because children’s skin and body are more delicate than adults, they are more sensitive to toxic and hazardous residues in clothing fibers and textiles. Any slight over-standard of colorfastness, PH value, lead content, and other chemical indicators will pose a threat to children's health.


How to buy maternal and child care and clothing? First, in the choice of texture, it is better to use cotton and avoid chemical fiber. First of all, cotton fabrics are relatively soft, and children's skin is relatively delicate. Cotton fabrics can gently touch the baby's skin and play a very good protective role. Chemical fiber fabrics are often harder, which can easily scratch the baby's skin and cause infection.

Second, the choice of colors, should be pale, avoid bright colors. Brightly colored fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dyeing residues, which can easily lead to baby skin diseases.

Besides, in the choice of workmanship, it should be fine, avoid rough manufacturing. The production of small clothes should be delicate and meticulous, with fewer burrs, careful stitching, and removal of thread ends, so as to ensure that the baby wears comfortably and is not scratched by coarse clothes. Finally, in the choice of size and style, it should be loose, avoid tightness

The baby is active. If he wears too tightly, it will not be conducive to the stretching and movement of his limbs. If he lacks activity for a long time, the baby is easy to get sick.

Children's pants are generally elastic bands, but some elastic bands are too tight, which will affect the normal development of children's breathing and chest bones.

Open crotch pants are not suitable for children who can already climb and walk, especially girls, boys should not wear zipper pants.

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