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Is the Bedroom Door Equipped with a Split Lock or an Integrated Lock?

Is the bedroom door equipped with a split lock or an integrated lock? I believe this is also a headache for many friends. I am afraid of buying the wrong one if only in order to look good, but  the quality effect cannot keep up, or it will be troublesome to replace it later. When shopping on taobao online, choosing a split lock or an integrated lock? And which one is good-looking and anti-theft? Only intuitive comparison can make us fully understood.

1. Is the bedroom door equipped with a split lock or an integrated lock?

First, let's briefly talk about how the two are defined. Both are handle locks. Generally, we will distinguish whether the handle and the decorative cover are together. Separating is a split lock, otherwise it is an integrated lock. Which is better or worse? In terms of appearance, one-piece locks are more beautiful and fashionable. Now there are many types of one-piece locks on the market. There are quite a lot of options for shopping on taobao online. The split lock should be more concise, if you have a higher decorative requirement, the one-piece lock may be more suitable.

From the perspective of installation, the integrated lock is a bit simpler, and the panel can be directly fixed to the door panel with screws. Since the handle and the decorative cover of the split lock are separated, the installation is more complicated, otherwise it is easy to fall off or damage, and if the workers are not skilled, it will be ugly.


2. The security of the integrated lock

In terms of security, the integrated lock process is more complicated. In addition to the popularization and application of smart integrated locks, the anti-theft performance is stronger, and the price is of course higher. In contrast, split locks are slightly weaker in terms of security and anti-theft. However, the price of the split lock is cheap, and if it is used indoors, the anti-theft requirements are not so high. In terms of cost performance, it is still relatively cost-effective. In general, buying integrated locks on taobao online, which are good-looking, strong against theft, and have a long service life, really meets the needs of more careful people.

Dear friends, when choosing door locks on taobao online, you’d better to consider it carefully and don’t just choose them at will. Betteryoyo will provide you what you want.