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Is Instrumentation and Measurement in Electrical Useful?

Instrumentation and measurement in electrical is quite useful, and it has various functions.

Integrate multiple functions

Intelligent power meters have powerful data acquisition and processing functions:

Electricity measurement:

measure dozens of commonly used power parameters: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, power...

Energy statistics: two-way four-quadrant active energy, reactive energy accumulation, multiple rate statistics, energy pulse output

Load monitoring-active/reactive/apparent demand statistics, line voltage/phase current/power maximum and minimum statistics, all statistical data with time stamp

Over-limit alarm-a flexible and powerful fixed-value over-limit setting system that can activate multiple analog fixed value channels and logical fixed value channels at the same time.

Event records-64 sequential event records (SOE).

High measurement accuracy

The voltage and current measurement accuracy is 0.2%. The power measurement accuracy is 0.5%.


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Exquisite structure and convenient installation

The power meter adopts a self-locking installation mechanism, no screws are needed to fix, and the installation and disassembly are convenient and quick. You can also choose split rail installation (TS-35 standard), split plane screw installation.

The appearance is small and exquisite, realizes all functions without expansion module, the size accords with DIN96×96 standard, the opening size is 90×90mm, the installation thickness is only 56mm. It can be installed in a drawer type switch cabinet with small intervals.

Intuitive display, easy to learn and use

The large-screen, high-definition liquid crystal display interface intuitively reflects the power meter parameters. All measurement data can be easily read through the buttons, and the parameter setting can be carried out through the instrument panel or input through the communication port. The setting parameters are stored in non-volatile EEPROM and will not be lost even if power is off. The LCD interface has backlight support to help you use it in poor light environments.

Flexible and convenient wiring

Whether it is a high-voltage system or a low-voltage system, whether it is three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire, and regardless of the number of components in the voltage and current channels, you can choose an appropriate wiring method to connect to the SWL300.

Good safety and high reliability

Intelligent power meters follow high-reliability industrial standards, adopt a variety of isolation and anti-interference measures, and can reliably operate in the environment of high-interference power systems. The products have passed the IEC standard electromagnetic compatibility test.

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