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Is an Arm Sphygmomanometer Better or a Wrist Sphygmomanometer?

The electronic sphygmomanometer is now designed to be very intimate and can be worn directly on the wrist. The biggest advantage of this type of wrist sphygmomanometer is that it does not need to be sleeved up during the examination, and it is more convenient to carry. It measures the arterial blood pressure of the wrist, which can be measured anytime and anywhere, making it more convenient for patients to monitor blood pressure.

The upper arm type sphygmomanometer measures the pressure of the brachial artery of the upper extremity and can also measure the heart rate. The measurement result will be relatively more accurate. However, it needs to take off the top to measure, and it is not convenient to carry.

It can be said that the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, and patients can choose according to their needs.


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In fact, there is also a nail-type sphygmomanometer with regard to electronic sphygmomanometers, which are generally used by doctors to monitor the blood pressure of patients during surgery. This kind of sphygmomanometer measures terminal blood pressure, and the result is the most inaccurate compared to the above two.


Wrist sphygmomanometers can be used for office workers, people who travel frequently, or people who need to check blood pressure frequently; upper arm sphygmomanometers are suitable for patients with ordinary hypertension, patients with weak pulse, low blood pressure, and malignant hypertension must use arm electronic Sphygmomanometer, otherwise it is easy to cause measurement errors.

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